Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lusty dirt

The gutter ball effect has been in full force and I have been paying the price. Yesterday was so bad that coming home with the boy in the trailer i felt as if I was going to come to a stop. Good legs and time in the saddle now just need to get more on the mountain bike. Went for a quick spin up to quarry tonight and bike rode well now it just needs some TLC at the shop. Two weeks and we race, can't wait I would like some speed time but that may come in race day, it is hard for me to make it tuesday night worlds. Oh well I'll just keep riding into the head wind.


Jared Roy said...

hey.. once the kids are out of school you should bring the family up and do a tuesday night worlds and stay over or for sure for a weekend race

Matt said...

Tuesday night worlds in Wisconsin? Huh?