Sunday, April 06, 2008

Your EGO weighs a ToN

I have managed to make it this far all the way through winter with out a sniffle or sneeze. Leave it to my kids to bring something home. But I have been able to work through with some good riding. This week was all about climbing,so that is what i did. I spend most if not all of my time on the bike riding solo not having anyone to ride with, today would have been a good day for drafting. I made it to the spot where the group was going to meet and waited for a few and their was no one there. So I pressed on. Rode some new roads and some old climbed some hills and got blasted by the wind. Happy with the performance epically because of the crap in my chest. If I was back home I would have had a handful of people to ride with and now this is home and just need to get used to the wind because no one is going to sit up front for me. One of these weekends I''ll have to go to the twin cities and ride with J Roy or the Hollywood crew. Tomorrow is monday and it starts all over again. In less then a month the racing begins.

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