Wednesday, April 02, 2008

GeTTing up on tHe dOwn stroKe

Found my hat!!
I had miss placed my Craft winter
hat and it showed up last night as
i was getting dressed to go out after dinner.
The plan was to see how the railroad
grade was in prep for the H8ervill 100.
They were in good condition just wrong bike,
the Wily would have been much better.
All in all good time on the bike. The commuter miles
are piling up. As I look at the work list it looks as if
EpU has me working the day of the H8ter?
I hope to make it should be a good suffer fest.
With all the rain that we got the other day
I think that i will tire up my new road wheels and
ride them for a bit on the Lemond. The new road bike is still a ways
out see that I am not sure when the Drive train will make it?
Oh well only warmer days ahead just me and my bike
practice partner, and a bunch of miles.
The new socks are the shit!

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