Monday, July 07, 2008


July did not start off the way that I wanted. I think that the tired bug has caught up to me. I had a rough day in the saddle yesterday, could not keep the speed up. Worked well on single track pulling guys on the first 2 laps but every time we hit the flat roads the groups behind be would take off and I could not match. By the end all I wanted to do was finish, just could not make it click. Need to rest and ride and get my duck in a row. Still a long season ahead and lot of time to get my shit together. James had his first race of the season and he loved every minute of it. As he sat on the start line making friends he stated that " I think that I am going to win". The way these races work is that they all win. He had a blast riding singletrack and making new memories. It was a good weekend now the week starts it is going to be a long one rest is key lets see if I can make it.

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Vaughn said...

He is so cute. Give him a hug from us.