Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Harder they Come

Harder and harder to get the power back up, not sure if it is just a morning thing or what.
My goal this morning was just some quick starts and a bit of a cruz interval.
Things were moving slow,,not bad slow just not where I wanted them.
As i left the house this AM I noticed that the Garage had not been shut the night before.
With a quick inventory of bike I was happy to find that all was accounted for.
Now I love all that live in the house just shut the GOD DAM DOOR!
I hear more and more every day from people here at the shop that their bike was taken out of the garage. I don't want to be a statistic.
I did get the joy of riding behind a bike path warier this morning,
he was moving at a good pace so i sat in behind and let him do the early morning work, after about a mile he pealed off all red in the face looking like he was going to burst. He also was on his way to work, and got a good work out on the way there.
Going to be hot with lots of humidity so stay cool and drink lots of H2O.

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