Saturday, July 05, 2008

Humbug Hill

New header............. I like the photo, you can see the dirt on my shoulder and the missing barend. The gloves were off because I was to lazy to put them back on after the flat. I have been asked if I brake that way on propose and I have to say that is just the way I have been doing it for years not trying to flip off the camera. Need to get the bike cleaned and geared up for the Firecracker tomorrow. Not the same one that folks tackled in Breckenridge yesterday. Gearing always throws me for a loop can't decide between a 61.?? or a 58.?? gear inches, one harder one faster spin. Now to drink some beer and feel the breeze through the screen door. Good things to come.. Photo OGMG

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mountaingoat said...

That's the same way I brake.