Monday, July 07, 2008


The Spot is as clean as i can get it at home, I need the lust to get it back to its shine. The bike rode well yesterday it was I who did not have the gas in the tank. I have been told that I am slumping. I don't think so just need to get things back on track. Nothing on the radar until the 27th of the month. The family and I are starting the plan of going to the Dakota 50. Looks like a fun one, and it is not at elevation like the one back home. I got finally meet Brent from the Twin 6 HQ, He was racing yesterday and thanks to him for all the super cool threads. Good rain this afternoon glad that I drove, and stayed off the bike, that is so hard for me because of my OCD. Back on tomorrow and getting things back on track.


Matt said...

Black Hills, eh? Looks like a fun one!

Jeff Kerkove said...

I plan on the Dakota 5-O as well. It's a good I have ridden some of it while out there for a 12 hour race back in the day