Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Solo x Solo

The season is going to get going real fast this coming weekend. Tonight was supposed to be a TNWC ride but the talk around the shop was MTB's plus the wind was off the hook. MY thoughts were I needed some Spot time and want to make sure that all things are good to go and go fast on sunday. From what I remember the course is flat and a gears such as 34x17 or 34x16 are going to be needed. Big wind on the way to the grind of a climb ........bike was riding well and I was able to make it up the climbs in good time. Got to the trail head and no shop guys, no desire to wait around I wanted to ride. Trails are in great shape and you are really able to lay in to the coroners. Ran in to Lance and Tom K, and finished the ride with them flying down the grind at speeds of 46++.

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