Sunday, May 10, 2009

Down with EPP

The Wheels have not been spinning as much as I would have liked this weekend but fun was still had. After work yesterday the family and i went up to the HPT and rode around. The James got to rip around the pump track and spin on some the mellow single track, while his PIP was off on a ride was a few women. My self was more of a soak it all in and enjoy, let the legs rest and more will come. Got the girls bike one step closer to the kick off of next weekend. Some new Time pedals and soon some better tires from the Good folks at WTB. My goal is to get some hard efforts in early this week and then a bit of easy stuff toward the end of the work week. The gear need for the Erik's Cup is a big one if I want to try to be near the front. The new BB is in and Saddle is on still waiting for the new brakes and depending on when they get here I may or may not ride them this weekend. A good dinner is on tap with some cold Dale's then sleep and work, I wont be attending the morning Mtb ride I have to work oh well I know when i am not wanted. Here comes some Red Curry Life is Good!!!

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Vaughn said...

James looks like a teenager in this picture.