Monday, May 04, 2009

Nascar On Bikes

Bike racing was on tap for the whole family. All had fun good jobs were done by all. Sophia got off the front and was one of only three girls. She had the other two pretty and ended up racing against the boys. She did great 5th overall against the boys and 1st over all. I learned that she had too big of gears that their is a rule about JR's gear ratio. Oh well she did not get DQed. James was fired up for his one lap around river side park, rode great he put it in number 6 and flew around the course. He won a root beer float which came in handy later. I raced the Masters 3-4's and wow it was fast. I was able to stay near the front for most of the time and work with a few of the local speedsters. Good race stayed up right and went fast at the line I did not have anything left so I sat up with pried of a job well done. Now we have a week off before the racing starts in MN. Rest ride eat and drink some beer.

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Matt said...

Gear ratios for Jrs? Huh? Weird..if they can push it, the should be to race it.

Looks like fun times for the famliy...good job!