Monday, May 18, 2009

Spring Cup

First dirt race of the year! The H8ter was crushed lime stone and the Decorah was a mud fest. Sophia Went off first pumped and ready to go. She grabbed the hole shot and rode hard the first lap. She did her best to hold off the charge of the other cat 2 women. Three hard laps she crossed the line 1st in her age and 7th overall. A great start to her season. For me I landed a spot right up front for the gun, and it was a fast lead out. Made it to the single track around 8th place, and was able to sit in a get a feel of what was to come. As the train picked up speed I saw a chance to move up and called out my pass, not sure what happened next but the guy who was giving me space and I clipped each other, I went down. Got up quick but enough time went by that the train was up the trail by a minute or so. The group that I caught on with worked hard through the Start finish line. I was able to pull away but not latch back on to the Lead train, they stayed in front with a minute or two gap. For 3 laps I hung in no mans land not able to get back on I could see them and faught hard to keep the group behind me away. Through lap 4 all was clear and some how I managed to get tangled up once again on the 5th lap this time going down a bit harder. Got up shook it off and finished 1:34 fast enough for 2nd in age group and 13th overall. I had a blast good race got to see old friends and make some new ones. Great to see sophia racing and kill it. The bike and all the bits and pieces work to perfection. Thanks to Spot/Maverick and Dales for the chance to represent again and to Twin 6 for the great Duds. and everyone else. The hope is that this is just the Start to a great season.

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Matt said...

Congrats on the showing you two! Awesome work!