Saturday, May 01, 2010

Song #1 is not A

Things have been quite
here on the home front. Been working on a bit of rest
and recovery while life keeps moving a warp speed.
Always glad for the weekends, this one has the 
potential to be a big one.
Dirt race season kicks off tomorrow with
the first WorS, and the mental games have
begun in my gray matter. The old questions 54 or 58
spin or mash what works the best. Which ever that is 
a task for the day get the bike race ready get accustom to the new footwear
and be ready for Don's Gooooooooooo.
This eve the Bliss is shut down for a mini Alp de huez  2.3?
miles up 15$ gets you in. I was not going to do it but the more i think about it the more I
want to.
It should be a good leg opener for tomorrow. Went up on monday on the SScX and 
was just outside of 10min... So I think that my Gunnar should be able to climb it faster.
More fun for the show fo sure.
Now more coffee some breakfast ans bike grease.
Have fun go fast RIDE a Bike.

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Glenn said...

go fast!!!!