Monday, July 05, 2010


It sure has been one hell
of a Roller coaster ride here 
lately. Broken bikes and shushed dreams.
But the wheels still turn. I have been 
able to get Anna to kinda fit on to Sophia's
old 1400 not the dream bike but better than nothing.
Great to  see the passion and desire to ride spill out of her.
Rain has been the weather Dejesus lately and it is getting old. I bagged the race on sunday,
which is one of my most favorites in the area. Got up and watch weather move in to the venue area.
Racing on the forth is an old tradition that goes back to the early years of the firecracker. I have heard mixed results on how muddy the course was but regardless it was another lap shorted race. I know that rain happens and the art of racing in the rain is a necessary evil. But can't afford to keep
trashing bikes due to muddy conditions.
Could be worse I could have watch all that I have trained for vanish on a
greasy Belgium road. Efforts will be raised and work will be hard results
will come and the bikes will roll faster.
 Or get
Blowen up Sir!

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