Friday, July 23, 2010

Hamering Nails

The Emag train
was moving this morning and I was not sure
what to expect out of my body.
I feel like I have been squeeze through the ringer
then stretched on a rack and slammed against a wall.
Sleep has been tough with the drugs for the bee sting.
I have a felling that I am going to be found on some surveillance footage
fighting my self in a parking lot.
My legs did ok was not going to try to push it to hard.
I have had some movement  yesterday I rode through a crazy downpour on the way to work.
With an out and back to work and home got back to 
our house in the middle of the street and headed out with the PIP.
Have not seen that kid on a road bike in months may months.
She rode 
well and I gave me a bit over three hours on the day.
Not bad for being on my death bed on monday.
No work no races just bikes this weekend.
Their is a Bike Race to watch tomorrow,
not sure what I think of the past three weeks but it is always fun to watch.
Hope on one drops and chains!

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