Tuesday, July 20, 2010

One Track MInd

Long haul to Elk River MN for the 6th race in the series. After a good one in Eau Claire I was felling like I was ready to go.
A huge nasty storm had rolled through the area on Saturday night which had the trail crews out cutting up tress starting at 5:30 AM.
The course is a good one 98% single track and really twisty and tourney. Sophia was the first to go and sporting a new lid which was meant for mom and racing for her friend who had just past away she looked good.
As i was warming up I came across her walking back to the car ,,, tire going flat and body totally bonked,,, she had let her self down I just offered a supportive ear.
My turn next ,,, with a few races miss in the series I did not get a call so I lined up in the second row. Still had a good amount of racers as may more were off in Colorado racing Natz..
Go and we are off to the first hill and prologue to sort it out before the lap started. In to the woods in about 8th place call out a pass or two and got on H-woods wheel. As we moved through the woods I went to pass as he dropped a pedal and I got jammed on a stump. Back on and charging now the group in front has slammed on the breaks. So course tape had not been taken down and as every one scrambled under I got the tape around my neck and it took off my glasses. Back on the bike as NO ONE WAITED for me to get going again. Now I am chasing the group that I was once a head of. Spent the rest of the first lap chasing and finally caught back on only to have some rider fight to get around me and slow up.
So that is where I stood for the rest of the race chasing to get back on while pulling two guys to the line. Rode hard and rode strong,, a few slips cost me some $$ but it was a fun day of suffering and so much more fun that getting stung in the face by a bee...
Buck Hill will be next and I have some redemption for that hill....
Thanks to Twin Six , Uvex, Norhwave, and Hollywood helps so much to have you guys
along for the ride. The King is coming and will be here soon.
And to the mystery sponsor you rock and thank you..

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