Tuesday, July 20, 2010

King Bee Baby

Monday normal day recovering from the 
race the day before trying to incorporate yoga 
moves with appliance repair.
Done for the day and heading home, list of stuff to do
and the last week of tee ball.
Coming out of the marsh going on to River Valley Drive, and 
smack right in the eyebrow, as the dumb thing rattled around in my
Rudy's I am sure that it got me twice.
Getting through the initial pain. This happens once or twice a season
especially since I am on the bike from Feb to December.
Take my glasses off and spray my face with water why not sure but felt good.
Now the weird stuff starts to happen every pore on my body starts to itch.
First I think that it is just all in my head but it hurts and it is not good.
Body takes over and I am flying through the crushed gravel to get home.
Race in the door strip the kit off and jump in a cold shower again 
not sure why just felt good.
Towel and have Sophia call mom,I take over as she 
can't find the number.
Leave a message.
Sophia is getting worried I am swelling and breathing gets
weird. Anna calls and tells me that she is coming home and to take some allergy meds.
Get to the urgent care can't see out of my eyes and throat is swelling.
Now comes the Epi Pin and crazy legs.
Puffy starts to go away. Now sleep.
Wake up to find my left eye totally shut.
Back to the Doc's more drugs, and here 25 hours
later still swollen.
Not fun but still here ready to fight another day.

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