Thursday, July 08, 2010

Maxed Out

It is Thursday and I have not been on dirt once this week.
Driving me nutz.
Between rain work and life
 I have not found the time to get the single track bug worked out.
Would ride tonight but heading to the Tostin bike shop
to get Anna's bike back together so she can ride tomorrow.
Good size test this weekend just up the road from the house.
A flat river bottom course on that can hurt if 
your gear is too big or too small. It is trying to find the balance.
Balance like trying to get in the hours that you may need or want 
through out a busy week. 
I was able to get some work done yesterday in the thick
pea soup fog, but after the second 
climb my 9-5 was calling. 
Short sweet intensity some
all you can get. Fill the legs with acid then recover.
Sounds like what it will be this weekend.
Go fast Right?

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