Friday, October 01, 2010


Almost a full week has gone by since the 
last number plate day.
It in remembrance was a tough day
sliding to mid pack and fighting the rest of the day.
All that aside I have been tired and felt 
just plain flat all week.
Now the weekend is 8 hours away and
all  I want to do is ride. No work at the shop and sunday 
football is not that important.
So Bikes will be ridden. Some dirt some road some time with the kids on two wheels.
And if just if she'll have me riding with my wife.
It is the 10th month and time is getting short.
What is left?
The 29andsingle guys have an event next weekend in Winona
then the end of the month a night race in dechora IA.
Wheels need to get built and time to start making plans for next year.
Even though it is a few Dark months away it will come 
and I will be Ready..
Now go ride your bike and work on your smile..

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