Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oh Shnizel

Falling down sucks I know that no one really likes it.
Maybe Chevy Chase in the SNL skits but that might be it.
Heading in to work today early because we had a training in MN
on some silly new machines.
So light on and heading down the crushed gravel to avoid the 
50+ mph wind gust that were blowing. 
Did not take in to account for fallen branches, and was
doing good at avoiding them until on snuck up on me and I grabbed to much front brake
and down I went in a big heap and a thud.
Picking my self up I found a good gash in my knee which was covered by
my fav... fall/winter knickers that now have a huge hole.
Got my brakes and shifter readjusted and off I went in to the dark yelling at the predawn light. 
Hundreds of miles get ridden and I go down going to work, and it is not the first time.
I think that I should stop going to work!

1 comment:

Brendan Curran said...

I hear you brother. Work is for suckers! RIDE FAST!