Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hot Lap

 The 29er Crew put on a little show in Ynonia Mn over the course of yesterday. Good turn out of folks from north south east and west. They even had a food vendor show up with what was some amazing Mexican food. The captain him self Hwood came down in his new Pimp ride always good for a laugh and words of encouragement.
 Sherman and his crew did a great job even if Scott looked a bit silly in his Katie Compton skin suit. Between Sherman and Seve the prize table was huge and people were stoke on the turnout.
As the trails go I have been in the Lacrosse area for four years now and have never ridden the trails until yesterday.  They were unbelievable.... Going after them totally blind not knowing when the climbs stopped it was a challenge. And it climbed and climbed up and up with some sick single track and loose off camber roots and rock. These trails reminded me so much of trails that were ridden out west. Unreal that this has been up the road all this time. The only down side to the race was towards the end my real wheel kick in to the frame and instead of fixing it I kept going with a loud buzzing noise. I had to ease up a bit not sure if it was a stick in the wheel or if the wheel was rubbing and not having my Leaf Monkey to adjust I kept on moving. Stopped the clock in 4th position and got to hit the prize table.
No Miles Deyoe put in a good time and slayed the trails after having a big week of riding up in the Hayward area,,, the spark is back in the boy and the Hessian better watch out.  I handed over to deyoe the bounty from King and should have some new wheels soon... That is going to kick ass... 
The sun is back out and it is still the weekend ,,, so only one thing to do go and ride some more bikes. 

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