Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thump in the Night

 Friday Night Lights took on a new meaning when the wheels starting rolling. Took the normal path up through the quarry I had to tell my LEG TO SHUT UP and the gave me the middle toe and told me to HTFU. Many mile this week and up that hill a few times never get easier. I was transfixed by the shiny jewels that are my new wheels.
 As the sun went behind minnesota the moon made it in to the sky. The moon was full and changing colors as it climbed in to place. 
We had a good showing of people for a night lap 9-10 riding strong all lit up sliding through the woods.
Bob was the cruise director leading us around riding stuff backasswards
on trails that at night make for a good challenge.
The schwinn toyota team even made a showing riding strong and showing people how to ride. 
Glad that I got out and ride due to the fact that it is now raining. It has not rained in weeks and the weather has been perfect. This is going to end my consecutive day streak of riding. I don't mind a bit of rain but 50 degrees and heavy rain don't mix for me now. So I guess i'll get a day off the bike as I sit at the bike shop and dream of single track.

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