Sunday, January 16, 2011


Laid out flat out sick totaly
wiped out friday night. Out of no where I was blind sided by some 
stomach bug.
Went to bed 7ish and got up 8:30 the next day.
Yesterday was pretty tough with muscle aches and being tired.
But I did get to watch some bad TV and American Flyers, and watch the boy play lego star wars.
Oh and the Pack steam rolled the #1 team in the NFC.
I woke up this morning ready to eat and get out and see if I could ski. 
The snow was amazing and I felt ok.
Did not want to push it to hard just wanted some fresh air.
More snow on the way and I hope for some longer skis in days to come.
More football on today,, Yes the Bears won and now the Pats and Jets. 
Next weekend should be unreal with the 
Pack and bears playing in the Championship game.
Going to have to ski my ass off to make up for being ski.. I always feel like I am not 
doing enough and everyone else is doing that much more.


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Matt said...

Sometimes it is better to do less. Get well amigo!