Saturday, January 22, 2011

Snowballs chance in Hell

All they could talk about on the news were the cold
temps that were to be here on Friday.
Sure enough when I awoke it was -16 out but their was no
wind. So like the OCD cyclist that i am I layered up a little extra and headed to work.
I made it about 5 minutes and my glasses froze over. My face was warm with the balaclava
but no longer able to use my eye pieces. Speeds were normal just plug away having 
many motorist shake their heads at me as they drove by.
Towards the end my eyelashes were getting ice balls on them giving me 
tunnel vision. The people at work looked at me like I was weirder than normal, nothing new there.
The way home it was great 5 degrees and felt like a heat wave.
Got home to find a box of Thomson goodness on the 
front door step. Now I can set up the Titus just like the Gunnar.

1 comment:

Matt said...

Before you know it, you are gonna talk like Gretzky.