Sunday, January 09, 2011


 Drove north today to do some skiing in Minnesota. St Marys has some of the best skiing in the area. I smeared on some Fast Wax Teal and headed to the land of the Nors men... The main drag was groomed to perfection and it was nice to ski corduroy  and fresh cords at that.
 When I got out of the car it was 1degree out and blue bird sky's. I opted for lighter layers knowing
that with the hills the inner heat would be firing up.
An hour and a quarter of skiing I was cooked especially after yesterdays hill repeat work out.
Legs were tired and I was getting warm and frosting up. When ever I drive up there I want more more more but with all the climbing some times you have to say uncle and go home.
This guy here is one of the reasons why the skiing is so good. The PistenBully 
groomer along with the fact that people don't walk on the trails or let their dogs shit on them makes for a world cup skiing experience.
Weekend is done that means back to the grind.
Need to clean the SSXC up a bit has been taking a beating from all the crap on the roads... But at least that means that I am out and riding.

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