Thursday, January 20, 2011

Same as it ever was

Recovered from sickness and slid right in 
to a two day binge of a wicked sore back.
I get this lower back pain right around the
SI joint that can just floor me. It has gotten 
better over the past few years once I quit my powder
skiing addiction, but when it flares man it can suck.
The January bla can really be a downer, but things are on the horizon.
My new Dark Spot should be going to paint soon.
After that it is time to build it up and dream about single track.
Until then I want to keep skiing the snow is unreal now, just have to get through
tomorrow and the uber cold temps.
I may not sure have/want to drive to work
if the temps are as bad as they say they are going to be. 
Stay warm keep the Wheels turning and 
GO Pack Go!!

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