Thursday, March 31, 2011

4130 the only Way

Work has been slow and @ times the days are short.
So instead of sitting around and licking my wounds I have
been get out and working on the bike.
Got the Lemond to stop dropping it's chain by changing the gearing.
So far so good put in a solid 50 miles on it and even with 
the stiffer gear I was able to get up the hills. 
My Spot should be done by the end of the
weekend with the new King here. And Look has some road and
mountain pedals on the way. 
Just paid for my first race ,,,,the Dakota 50,, not till September 
but I am in and can't wait.

1 comment:

Dust said...

I just checked the website for the Dakota 50. Interesting. Although I'm looking at more local races. What are you doing this year? Racing in MN or racing in WI?

I'm looking at taking some team points away from people ....