Sunday, February 24, 2008

Solo x Solo

Again I can't say enough about the curry that I ate last night. Anna and I would once a week eat take out from a spot in breckenridge and always get the Red Curry. That being said it did as it always did and that is power me up. Had a good chat with Sophia's old bike coach today, he had just gotten back from two weeks in Vegas which made me want dry and desert.
Oh well that was not going to happen. So with the warm weather and sun I was out the door and the ride was nice. Took the work horse out and went hill climbing two good climbs and some mean wind when it was all done 2.5 hours one gear and now some beer. Back to the skis tomorrow going to keep it moving with the dreams of single track in my head. Could a Fall Classic be on my calendered? Need to see some old and new faces. Until then sit wait work and watch the new stuff come in. Going up!

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