Thursday, February 21, 2008

Could Ya !!!!

So here we have our answering machine from work. The guy on the other end put a down payment on a Masi Special Fix Gear Bike and wanted to ask us if we could do a few things before he came in to pick it up. Good stuff here and it just goes to show how hard core some fixed gear riders are. The time stamp is off we think that it had to be around bar time. He came in on thurs like he said and acted as if nothing happened. Only guy in town with the his bike we have our eyes out for him. Best phone call ever!!!


Seth Rubin said...

Turns out those dudes were total tossers. According to their blog:

"Welcome to MTB Omaha, news and info about the cycling community in and around Omaha, Nebraska and around the world. Comment on posts as you wish. If you are interested in becoming a contributor to the scene, send me an e-mail to 2mod(at)cox(dot)net."

A) we qualify as news and info about the cycling community ... and around the world

B) it says comment on posts as you wish, which we did, only to have them deleted.

Who "free rides" in Nebraska anyways? We're off to a real downhiller's blog.

YuriB said...

Drunk dialing the LBS is a new one