Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Thai

Big ski weekend in Wisconsin, not for me. I did head out yesterday but did not last long. Right wax wrong temps and not to mention that the trails had been ravaged by runners and hikers. Look like a war zone with all the pot holes. So that on top of the fact that my skis were not moving I called it. Played with james he and i went on a hunt for lemon grass. When you can't find good food you have to make it your self. So I did found all the stuff and made Thai Red Curry sauce. The real deal I have longed for Thai food and now I have it. Made enough to last me a few weeks. I will probably eat it faster than that. I will now drink more coffee and decide where to point the single cross. Good food and cure the winter blues, When in the hell is spring I am ready.

1 comment:

C.ball said...

put that single cross in the dumpster where you found it.