Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Daycare is sick with the Flu so the boy and I are hanging at the house. Snacking is the key today, and what better than leftovers from dinner last night. Umm Curry and rice&veggies. I think that it must be hard to be a 3 year old lots of emotions, All i did was take a bite of his muffin it looked so go. oh well. Some swimming and hoops. New stuff has been showing up thanks to everyone the Thomson stuff is so sexy, and the hub for the Maverick looks more drilled out than ever. Sun Race has their new web site up and is just finishing a few more things so parts can be order, cool stuff. And last but not least Matt sent up a kit from his bike Club/Team out of new mex.. Nice stuff got to like new clothes. And I still 4 cups of Red Curry sauce left luck me.

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Matt said...

Sweet hope you like the stuff.