Wednesday, March 12, 2008

James and the family stone

This he is the boy on his first ride outside on his new rig. Happy not to have to do laps around the living room. His sister has been loving her old Schwinn breeze that I brought home from work. It is only march but we are ready to go, good miles in so far now just time to put it all together. For me I wait for Sun Race to get parts so the Gunnar can start rolling, not ready to take it outside just want it together. Until the roads get clear the Lemond and Single Cross will do the work. Got to see my first Superfly today one of the hottest and most sought after bikes that will be in the store this summer. The bro-thers know what it is all about and will show the rest of us how to get it done this summer.

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Matt said...

2 kids, 2 bikes, 2 gears....nice.