Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tony Orlando and Gone

Spoke to coach this morning talked bikes and kids and all that fun stuff. It always helps to hear from him he puts me in line and reminds me that I do have a clue of what I am doing. I do miss home did not fell like a freaky loaner, as i do here. Got the Lemond out and went road riding was shooting for 6 climbs and 3 hours, and came up short. I was dressed well but was cold had a hard time to getting warm, so I skipped the 6th climb because of the condition of the road and the fact that I was bonking. I am working on eating while on the bike and thought that I did a good job but I guess not. Breakfast was 3 whole grain waffles scrambled eggs and english muffins with a banana and orange before I went out. I guess not enough. I think that the tape worm is full effect. Riding gears was nice and can't wait until the new bike is ready to go. I put on a race x light saddle that I got for the new road bike on the lemond to start breaking it in...... it felt ass liked it. Good movement this week monday starts a new need to keep up the work seeing place that need improvment more saddle time to come just tired of being cold on the bike, warmer days ahead.
Post ride pick me up!


Jared Roy said...

get your meal in 2-3hrs before you ride and then eat a gel every 30-60mins and you should be golden. that's a big breakfast to bonk from. Maybe too many PBRs last night

devin said...

Pbr's are great food for rides..

I still say tape worm,.,.,.,