Friday, March 14, 2008

New day rising

With the boy in tow we
were off.
James was all about the trailer this morning
singing and hooting and hollering.
Made it to day care and I was off to work watching
the sun come up few close calls with big SUV's
I can understand it is hard to eat and drink coffee
while on the phone and driving,,,,I fell sorry for them.
That is ok the music selection was great with Husker Du
Replacments and Soul Asylum rock i pushed on.
Yea i live in Wisco and cheer on the pack but I am
still just some kid from MN.
Almost to work behind the fest grounds found my demise a
patch of ice that sent me sliding on my ass
woke me up like two more shots of espresso.
But I still did not have to drive I got
to ride in with the sun and my son and
rock out along the way.
Maybe some day I'll get a cell phone so I
can be like the rest of America..
Naaaaa over rated..
It is Friday have fun.

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