Saturday, March 01, 2008

March On

Salt is evil, I took the kids road bike in today and ripped it apart and the thing was coated with salt and crud, and she barely rode in and crappy weather this fall. Just think what it is doing to my gas powered machines. Just got done putting the new bits on the Wily looks great still have some time before the Maverick makes it on, closer to race time. Need to take it in to the shop and lube and polish mainly lube. My ride is not going to be as light as all the new rides for the Grumpy Ogars Team at the shop but still dam nice. I look to the day when the new Wily comes not sure when but it will happen this spring. Small builder take a bit more time and with me states away I can't drop in. All will come. 40's tomorrow with good chance of rain so I am going to try to get out before the weather, rain is good it will melt snow and wash away the salt. PBR time go fast and then go faster.

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