Monday, March 17, 2008

Circle takes a Square

New to me I have been on road bikes now for about 10 years and have never ran road shoes, until now. I got a pair of shoes from work and a sweet pair of Ritchey pedals, so new to me. The only bummer is one of the cleats were cracked so no go tonight. I was going to give them a try on rollers. Taking easy with some stretching and chilling with the kids. Weather was supposed to be rolling through so I drove for the first time in a week doing my best to not drive. Talked with my 8 year nephew who has been ripping it up in Taos this winter, he was telling me about his jumping and gave him some pointers for landing his 360's. AH to be young again. Bikes and gear are moving folks are stoked that spring is here. So am I. Ride Rest Repeat.

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