Monday, May 19, 2008

Fifteen Bucks

First things first, once I got my wheel to stop moving things went swell. I do need a bolt on and will try to acquire one here soon. We drove across the state in the rain to only get to put up our tents in the rain. And no one said that you could not buy beer after 9:00 and then could not drink it at the camp site. I thought that I was in Wisconsin! Race day things were chilly and the pre ride was the best way to warm up. Good course working the funny ski hill and then spit out on to sweet single track. The Maverick fork was butter and the NEW Spot rode like a dream. I was scared to slam on the rear brake for fear of moving the wheel into the frame but it never did. Again need to work on that. I felt good for the most part would have liked a bit more in the legs but with all that went down during the week and the long drive I think that the end results were good. I missed the third rung of the podium by a minute or so but moved in to the top twenty for the elite/expert overall. They were giving money 14 deep and I was 19. Room for improvement. The best part was at registration when I was given some medals from past races and fifteen dollars in cash from the last race. That was money!! Good weekend and I could not have done it with out all the help from all my great sponsors. More miles to spin and more time in the saddle.

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