Monday, May 05, 2008

One down

One down, the first test went well. I lined up one row behind the pro's and had a good start. I spent the first lap trying to get some separation from the chasers. After that just got in the grove, yes i would have liked to go faster but their is room for improvement. Crossed the line and ended up in third for the 30-39 age group and 13th overall. Not bad have not raced an age group race in years, been in a single class for the past 4 years. Thanks to all the great people that helped along the way Thompson, Egron, Twin Six and King Cage ( never launched a bottle). Big things coming thanks to the CO Boys, wish that Next sundays race was not on Mothers day need to figure that one out.


Matt said...

Sweet....way to rock the handicap category. I'll bet the field was surprised to see a SSer in the mix and whooping tail!

Happy Mutant said...

Congrats. You have been putting in the mileage and it is paying off. Nice racing.Happy Training.