Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Thanks again to rusty for the pics, I was having a lot of fun here. I took off the 20 tooth cog and went back with the 19 just a hair under 2:1 but it moves well. I have the rear wheel all the way froward in the dropouts so it can't slide if I jam on the brakes. Again I'll take a bit of weight for the smooth ride, like I said that Maverick for is like butter, that good triple creme butter. We are closing on the house in the AM and after that I am heading out to the proving grounds I have work to do and tomorrow it gets done. Now it is time for high life and dreams of the Agent Orange.


StageWest said...

Nice shot and the Spot looks great!

Are you running your Blunts tubeless? Is that a 3x lace? Just looking for pointers in setting mine up.


Matt said...

Good luck with the home closing amigo.