Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Life on Mars

I need to read my posts before I hit post. Gamer was never my strong suit. So I bought a house this morning and it was the easiest closing ever. In and out in half of one hour, so with the rest of the day all to my self it was time to ride a bike. Off to the woods under the blue bird sky. The dirt was perfect and the bike rode sweet. No one on the trails but me quite and fast a good day in the hills. Still have some work to do before the next race on June 1st but I think that I can get it done. Next big thing is the move that is less than one mile, so that is what is on tap I have some photos coming soon of the new house Plus Jimmy Rock is have his 4th birthday this weekend fun will be had. Get a grip and hold on things could get nutty!

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Jared Roy said...

rock it bro..congrats on the house..

we love your keeps us reading