Saturday, May 24, 2008

Time on my side

The volume has been turned down
but that is just because the
work has been done.
I had a xc ski coach who said that
after the first 1000 miles of the season
to only spin in the small ring.
Well I have only one bike that I can do that on.
And on the road bike I have a hard time being in the small ring.
Local test on monday and then a big one on sunday,
time for recovery is now.
Can't believe how hard it is to sell a road frame
sweet one steel is real and had built is better.
11 years of bliss full marriage today,
good food to follow and then move into the new house.
Got to love the Point.


Matt said...

Happy 11th

Glenn said...

That is a sweet Gunnar frame - but my wife would kill me :( Almost bought one a couple of years ago - should have. Now the chance is lost.