Thursday, May 15, 2008


It Has been a crazy week and a bit hard to get the work in that I like. Their have been miles mostly back and forth to work and home and some good trailer pulling. But today after a crazy day of work I took the long way home. Not that long of a ride but longer than the normal way up and over the bluff with a screaming descent down FO and then through some great valley roads. Watched the great ball of fire go down and spun the legs well. I also got to go to the eye doctor this morning and for the first time by a doctor I got my eye dilated. Whooo then i got to go to work and this shit was crazy, it was a strange morning. The good news is the new frame is on the way and as long as I all goes together the right way I should be rolling home on single track. Fingers crossed and I can't wait.

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