Sunday, September 28, 2008


This was my first race the 3's and first cross race in almost 2 years. Big field 52 riders on the line and I was in the 5th row. Not the way that I wanted to start. After all the rules from the grumpy USA cycling lady it was go time. Moved up through the pack and watched James move up to the front. Smooth through the barriers and all the corners, and still moving up. With 2 to go I made some moves and helped open the gap on the chasers as I worked with 3 other guys. With 4 turns to go on the tightest part of the course the rider in front of me goes down and I blow my line. As I picked my self up I lost 3 spots. Came across the line in 11th, some what bummed with the finish after riding a smooth race should have made a move when it was there. Had fun would love to do more lots of driving for 40 mins of racing. More to come? We'll see. Go fast and have fun.

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