Monday, September 22, 2008

Man DoWn

Got to do some of that dirt ridding on sunday. Meet up with Roger and Pickle and Tostin. Sun was out and the trail was dry, on account that I does not rain here any more. We jump on the new section of trail and were having a blast. Toss and my self were up to our usual riding pushing it and launching over what ever we could. That is when I heard the sound of bike smashing and body clashing. As he went to air over a rock garden his rear wheel came up, slamming him in the ground. We removed him from the woods as he was able to walk out but shaken up a good bit. After rogers wife got him to the ER we found that it was a 3rd separation of his shoulder. No break just some pain and a doctors visit next week. Now we just have to deal with work. Hope he fells ok, work is enough to make any one fell like Shit.

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