Sunday, September 14, 2008

Stay on target

Need to be pinched. I rode bikes with both of my kids today and no one whined and bitched. Well Sophia may have bitched a bit at the bottom of Schuffelbine. But was all smiles when she got to the top.
I broke out the silver and black to
to get my mind set about racing in MN. Going to try my best to get to St. Cloud for the MN State SS race. Short race long drive.
James and I got to do his first big ride with out his training wheels and he did great. A bit wobbly left to right having a few issues with some trees and the fact that the sidewalk is not as wide as he would like. He did great rode to the park then before dinner we rode again and played Star Wars. We watched Empire Strikes Back last night and he is all about the Star Wars. So good day few more Points and then bed,work starts again tomorrow.

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Matt said...

FooMTBs favorite rider. Glad to see her back!