Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Getting Dirt on the way to work is good.
Not huge miles but dirt none the less.
The SPOT is riding better than ever, I am just wondering if
I left my legs in Spearfish?
I want more racing but this riding for fun is a blast
what to do??


Puddytoes said...

I was surprised to see a Spot Brand racer. I'm from Lyons and know some of the DPA/Spot team here. My son, 16, races gravity and SD, so we hang out at races with them. I have kept this blog for my son's team this past season:
My son is Sam, and was 2nd in overall points in Sport 15-18, State Champion in DH and SD and (unofficial) Intergalactic Pump Track. He upgraded to Jr. X just before the last race. He (and I) have just discovered the joys of SS, and now he's riding it a lot for fun, and of course, great training. He has many great riders in the area to ride with, and since we live in the foothills, he can ride right from home.
Just excited to see there are other Spot Brand racers out there. Do you ride a particular series of races, or just everything that comes along?

devin said...

I have been doing some of the WORS racing and MN racing here in the Midwest. It is a change from the racing in the MSC. I do miss the big mountains but the hills here can pack a big challenge. My biggest test is to keep my daughter in to the racing. Keep your son on the SS because the strength training will help. have fun and please send some Dales....Hard to get here....

Matt said...

You'd freak at whats available now in cans down here. Dales, Old Chub, Ska ESB, Shiner Bock, Steamworks Steam Engine Lager...and to think Dales started it all.