Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Fifty report

The Dakota 5-0! By far one of the best Mountain Bike Events EVER!!! First thanks to all that helped Spot/Maverick, Ergon, Twin 6 and King Cage. And a BIG thanks to my family for traveling and putting up with a cycle crazy husband and Dad. As the race started I did what I wanted to do, i sat in a group of 4-5 strong single speeders as we drafted up the dirt road to the single track. When the single track came I did not want to be the first of the group but no one went so first I was. I pulled for about 4 miles or so until Colin came around followed by two more, now I could sit in and let someone else do the work. Until,,,, I flatted. I rode the flat as long as I could after flipping the bike over i was passed by at least 7 single speeders and a hand full of others. Pissed and now behind I had to play the defensive roll of catching back on. This was not my plan, as I came to aid #2 I started to see some of the passers, and just stuck with it. By aid#4 I was back up to where I need to be. Made it to Hobo camp where the bacon and beer hand ups were, passed one more and it was time to start going down. One of the most white knuckle descents ever done, one wrong move and you were done for the day if not more. Now fighting with the last rider I passed it was the last bit of single to the dirt road then the finish. I was able to hold off the Kona rider to come in 5th and just under 4:30. I was happy I was up in the mix when I flatted and was able to get back and finish in the $$. Great race great weekend fun for all. If you want to have fun on your bike and see some sweet single track get out to the Dakota 50.

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Jeff Kerkove said...

Excellent race! Great to finally meet up with you!