Thursday, February 10, 2011

Euro Trash

Things coming together,, I wait with great anticipation of the new Dark Spot in my life. Spoke with Paul and have a Chain Keeper 
coming for the 1x9 set up now just need to find a trigger shifter to move the chain up and down. I need to move a few parts so I can get a few new parts but that will all work out. The switchblade fork off of sophia's bike is up for sale and a bontager 29er rear wheel laced up to a DT 240 hub,,, and some other miscellaneous parts. Point is things are happening......bring on spring.

On that note have the day off tomorrow to go and hang out with The James @ school then heading up north for a bop till you drop ski session at ST Marys some of the best XC skiing this side of the Rocky's.
And the word is for some warmer weather 40's this weekend so out on the Titus to get some February miles and my salt intake for the weekend. And maybe just maybe if Homodepot not sure if their will be enough time.


HEATH said...

Gears? I'm going more single this year. Paul Keeper the way to go if your into that sorta thing. :) wha ?"?!@#@!?

Matt said...

Should you have posted this on April 1? Gears? Huh?

DMC said...

I know it is as if my man card my now get revoked...
IT only going to be for select races.