Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Working through It

I don't have a Coach or a Power Device.
I am working the old fashion way.
I hope that it works but only time will tell.
With all the snow I have been skiing as much as 
I can if not more.
And the wheels are moving.
Would power be nice or some one telling me what to do help?
But hard work and long hours is what is on my docket. 
More good stuff showed today.
I heard the UPS truck show up as I was finishing a block of intervals in 
the garage.
I was a big box of Endurox products. Some R4 some Acceleraid and 
best of the bunch their work out supplement.
What I have learned is to train smart and to fuel right. 
One thing I do have this season is a good group of people making sure that 
my nutrition and hydration is going to be well taken care of.

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