Sunday, February 20, 2011

2 Wheeled Fever

Frostbike was yesterday up in the Minny Apple.
Drove up to the Hwood HQ and headed to the show. 
QBP is like wonka's chocolate factory for cyclist. Booths were set up with 
new and exciting stuff for the new season. 
I got to shake hands and give thanks to some of the 
different people that are helping me along with 
this bike racing thing. Got to lay hands and eyes on my new saddle and bars
that are on their way.
Lots of great faces and funny story's about bikes and bike riding. 
Even got a chance to run in to Bobke. 
The afternoon goal was to make it to the Cutters Ball...After a meal at Mikes home of the 
Juicy Lucy the day was getting long, and the fear of being stuck in the 
cites DU to a impending storm had me heading  home. 
Now the whole way home all I could do is think about bikes.
Ones that I have or ones that I want,, rides that I have been 
on or races that can't be missed. I think that I even dreamed in 
two wheels.

Only to be slapped in the face by old man winter today. 
The once dry roads are under blankets of fresh snow. 
The commute to work that was once clean bike lanes are full....
Nothing left to do but sit in the garage with the door part open for fresh air and 
ride the rollers to no where. 
Could be worse and spring is around the corner.. 
I love bikes!!

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