Saturday, February 12, 2011

Put on the Belt

The weather is finally shifting from the freezer to the cooler.
The morning was spent with the boy and some much needed french press coffee then I was off to ski SMU.
Fresh groom was had right from the car, corduroy and brisk temps.
Body heat made the colder temps manageable. Skiing at SMU is an up hill work out with 
little to no flat skiing. Two hours and I was good and cooked.

I had stated at the Moon with Anna that my goal for the weekend was some outside miles. Got my self all prepped for 27 degrees and snow falling form the sky. Not  caring all I wanted were miles and to feel pavement. Great start legs felt good even with the hard ski from the day before.
I loved it enjoy the miles and the time on the bike 
things went well 
until I found my self on some wet roads and 
the snow flying sideways.
As the water ran down my legs and in to my shoes I tried to imagine that it was just a 
cold day in Belgium.
More tomorrow but the weather is to be warmer almost 40+ a bit windy but as long as I stay dry 
I'll be happy.
 No football tomorrow but that is ok!!


Dan.Eliot said...
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Matt said...

The Drop-U will Lead-U on many, many miles. Let's see the set up!